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BEMAC for Maintenance The need to have a system running efficiently for it's lifetime, is important to us and to our clients.  « Previous


The BEMAC Mission

 Our aim is customer focus. Any project needs to focus clearly on the client's requirements and for the long term. Most of our projects today are focussed on energy saving systems and ease of use. This means having system that are demand driven. If the system has no demand then it should shut down in a standby mode ready for operation, consuming as little energy as possible.
 The ease of use generally speaking is a web-based solution; many of our systems are accessible using only web browser software to access bespoke and customised web pages to control heating and ventilation systems.
 Integration is also important, this adds to the ease of use ethos. Customers should not need to learn how to set 4 or 5 different control systems. We can bring this into a common platform so that the various manufacturers interfaces are invisible, unifying their system into one.

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